The people implying that Kristen had it coming, or whoever else blamed her parents, are, in life, the jealous Bernadette types. Bridget and her husband additionally had a baby whereas relocating to Oregon. That dont Justify Murder. Kirsten from what I heard was arrogant and self absorbed, but no bully, just a typical teen girl who didnt deserve to die even if she was a bully. It put a huge impact on our lives, first dealing with the loss of Kirsten, then finding out a girl we all trusted was the one responsible, that is something g that scattered our lives. Well she had her Spirits and was funny ( if not funnier) like that. Bernadette even tried to point her finger at Joanna as the one who killed Kirsten. Kirsten May of had moments and been a Stuck up person, but that dont Justify murdering her. I know there were problems beteewn she and Nancy Kane, and that other blamed girl. Neither does a lot of former classmates. We dont see the others, dont mix with their lives, not care for them, stay away or just say Its better that something happens to others, not me, but we dont get the message to be just more polite. They were always so nice to all of us (Kirstens friends) and I have fond memories of them, enjoyed thier home, nice home, and BTW Kirstens house wasnt any Mansion, it was beautiful Ranch home with a nice back yard, and Bernadettes house was just as nice as Kirstens if not nicer. She didnt like their ways mostly. Kirsten loved to joke and tell funny jokes to. Her friends got to where they avoided her if possible. Every Murdered person was once someones child, parent, sibling or spouse. No one wanted to believe that the killer came from Orinda, the lush Northern California suburb where Kirsten lived. Jealousy is an ugly thingmuch like bernadette. Also Karen, Kirsten favors Stacey Dash, with Lindsey Warners personality on Saved by the Bell. She has Mental issues and always will. The truth that Bridget Moretti killed Kirsten Costas is effectively documented. The case is ancient history so why is it constantly being rehashed over and over. She fit in and was as popular as Kirstens 2 close friends (Diane and Stacy), Bernadette wanted more. Sign up forOxygen Insiderfor all the best true crime content. so dont mock, offer to help thus build bridges. But we didnt care because our parents raised us not to be needy of anyones friend ship. Everyone has an Opinion guess we will never know unless we truly knew them, and not Berns friends or Sisters who Comment bad stuff about Kirsten, of course they wont tell the true facts. Kirsten was also described as Cute, funny and full of Life, and Bern took that Life. Calling her a B and saying she dressed nice in an interview. Meanwhile, Costas' parents vehemently opposed Protti's release. Kirsten was lured out of her house under false pretences to a bobbie (sorority) dinner that didnt exist by someone she wasnt friends or even acquaintances with. OTCP: Dying To Fit In: Kirsten Costas #keepyourfriendsclose #keepyourenemiescloser #1994moviewithtorispelling&kelliemartin #lifetimejustremadeit #meangirls #jenandcamnevermadecheer #edit/musicbynico @wetalkofdreams #promos @conspeared @CMTUHistory #LD @octoberpodVHS #lookatus ourtruecrimepodcast (@ourtruecrimepod) April 10, 2019, OTCP: Dying To Fit In: Kirsten Costas #keepyourfriendsclose #keepyourenemiescloser #1994moviewithtorispelling&kelliemartin #lifetimejustremadeit #meangirls #jenandcamnevermadecheer #edit/musicbynico @wetalkofdreams #promos @conspeared @CMTUHistory #LD @octoberpodVHS #lookatus Why cant people leave this case alone. Self Absorbed yes. One thing is for certain, Bernadette has not had any serious run-ins with the law since her release from prison. Dont matter if those 2 were mean and Bullies, no right to murder them, that went to far. According to this blog, Bernadette is married and has made a new life for herself. But this is just my opinion, dont come after me :/. Kirsten wouldnt give you the time of day especially if you werent in her (group). But would a real student please come forward and reveal yourself.. Bernadette should of gotten 25 to life for that Crime. Love indeed. She didnt hate anyone. That way she would of learned and been afraid, no she took the Coward Way out and Murdered, and Bernadette was chasing after Kirsten. Bunch of fg liars. She isnt outgoing like she use to be, I can see why, she has to watch over her head. Google it and Season 1 thru 3 Lindsey is on there. If Kirsten was going to out Bernadette she would of told Alex Arnold all about her. Im sure today Ms. Stuff, D and Beauty and the Beast could still be the life of the Party if they wanted to be. There was no jury in the trial. Kirsten would of changed to overtime. Cant see her making fun of anyone. I was even accused of being (Stuck up) We were all just Misunderstood. Tara Donnelly, who is now 41 years old, claims that her parents . Missy didnt start fights just stood her ground. I wouldnt have either. For you to even fix your fingers to type a reference that this was some sort of fault of the victims speaks volumes about you as a person. They went to parties or ran off with guys, guys had no right to take advantage of them, yes it was wrong, but they put themselves in that situation to where it could of been prevented. Then she got out. Bernadette then stalked Kirsten all the way to her house, ambushed her from behind with a 15/18 inch knife, inflicted Kirsten with two two foot wounds down her back and continued to stab Kirsten when she was suffering on the ground with her wounds. Were you bullied and had to defend yourself and going by that with Bernadette? homely? But that has about a millionth of a percent chance of ever happening. Boys are Smart Aleck also, girls are Worse at it. I guess that makes their daughter better than anybody elses. Do I think it was premeditated. Apparently the owner of the other blogs havent gave up, just busy. I dont think she was, just a teen girl who was like the rest in competition. Im sure Kirsten had her moments, no right to be Savagely Murdered. Society in the richest places raise their children to be obnoxious and unbearable little freaks who will at some point push a normal person to the brink,so whatever happens is something they are a part of as well as the person they have pushed. Kirstens favorite game was Nancy Drew, and she loved her cheers to. Bern want the poor girl Deployed in the movie. She is what people who know psychology well, especially Criminal Psychology, a Sociopath! Not youre so called Sweet friend Bernie. He attended Loyola Academy and Dartmouth College. I cant stand snobby bitches who put others down and bully them. Bernadette Protti also went to Miramonte High School, along with Kirsten. It couldve been anyone, but kristen was the last one to get into the bobbies so she stood out. As I wrote in another comment to you, If Bernadette killed Kirsten because she was bullied and put down by her, why didnt she give examples at her trial which would have strengthened her case? We are no longer in the 80 s and never will be again. Maria What was the most heart wrenching about this was a classmate girl was blamed and attacked by certain people for killing Kirsten, obviously she didnt. Read the article. Self Absorbed yes. I was raised to treat others with respect. The Lifetime movie serves as a dramatic retelling, where we see how a girl decides that she can be popular and accepted at school, by befriending one of the more beautiful classmates. There is no justification for murder, and I am not siding with the criminals, but you can push someone so far. Nina Miller is not into the superficial and narrates as Bridget gets arrested for the murder of Kelly Locke. Morettis associate and children have come underneath fireplace on-line. Can you give examples of Kirsten bullying Bernadette? However, we should leave our readers with the thought that if Bernadette had committed the crime today, she would not have gotten off as easily as she did back in 1985. She once told Kirsten to shut up in biology and thats why everyone thought shed done it. Moreover, Protti stabbed Costas 5 occasions with a butcher knife earlier than working away as a result of he thought he was seeing a fistfight. Kirsten was a true Social Butterfly, always joking with others, talking with others, We werent friends but I liked Kirsten and all those girls. Teen girls are all like Kirsten was described, dont see how she was worse than any other teen girl around. How tragic she was murdered over basically nothing. It seemed like Bernadette needed intense psychotherapy for her issues. Keep visit Celebrilla for latest updates and news. Bernadette fit in fine and lived in a lovely area. Karen Huger was previously married to Edmund E. Carter. She would have seen Kirstens parents and brother crying anguished tears of unfathomable sorrow and would have seen the inconsolable grief and despair etched into their faces, and she had the unconscionable gall to not only attend Kirstens funeral knowing she was responsible for putting Kirsten in her coffin, but also had the cold nerve to be in the presence of and be able to look at Kirstens family whose sadness and grief would have been heart wrenchingly palpable, which she knew she was responsible for. Dont matter if the girl bullied her. After trying to confirm Prottis alibi, the detectives started to doubt her veracity as a liar. Not a plaine jane.get real. I dont care if she was only 15, murder is murder and she should have been locked away for far longer. I hear Kirsten was a Sweet Adorable girl, and I heard she was a Bully. Its sad, thats the biggest problem in this world? Whoever wrote this article is not being honest. Everything is Me! I agree bullying is so terrible but there wasnt much evidence that Kirsten was a bully apart from Bernadette saying Kirsten once mentioned that her ski boots looked cheap, I think Kirsten was a lesbian with a crush on Kirsten but was taking that secret to her grave. [3] Costas attended Miramonte High School and was a member of the school's varsity swim team and the cheerleading squad. Thats my belief. Man you all just know Kirsten a small World. Even so, I said before, and Ill say it again, still no excuse to murder. I suffer from PTSD. She may live a Quiet life, but she is still a Killer. Bernadette admitted to many friends she craved the wealthy life, and hated that her own parents (whom I feel sorry for) were so old. Bernadette was in with them to so was Jill. Like I said, Im sure theres a purpose somewhere to where she can make a difference in someones life today, she was a lot like Kirsten Costas. It weirded Kirsten out. Everybody who knew her just loved her well most everybody. If she didnt like someone , there was a reason. It made me feel oh so special. Shame on such a post you wrote! Those bullied girls like I said were loose or cussed and smoked and (dressed roughly).. A murderer? Why are you so focused on what they looked like? Admin Garret. It wasnt any big deal, or so, we didnt think it was. She was skinny. Yes Kirsten May of been Snooty, but she was also adorable to those who knew her. Heres her & what Bernadette Prottis Yellow Pinto wouldve looked like! I bet she finally became an outcast fro supporting Bernadette. i remember always thinking that Bs case would had been much different today. Get an all-access pass to never-before-seen content, free digital evidence kits, and much more! Whoever DD is of Kirsten and them didnt like her, its cause she probably acted (Weird) around them. Kirsten wasnt a bully at all. Girls, women at any age can be so horrible. Bernadette killed Kirsten out of Jealousy, not Bullying. Its time to move on and stop rehashing alll this. [citation needed], Costas' murder was featured in season 5 of Deadly Women, season 1, episode 3, of Investigation Discovery's The 1980's: The Deadliest Decade, and an episode of Killer Kids titled Rumors & The To-Do List. Put God first. If it hadnt have been for Bernadettes confession, this case probably would remain unsolved. Changing your name does not change your being, by the way. I didnt know her, but had a friend whos Facebook friend did. Facebook gives people the power. Knowing that the Protti family is no longer poor, I hope they didnt benefit financially from this film! She reminds me of Stacey Dash a little. She loved School. Why Was Kirsten Marina Costas Killed by Her? But for the most part Kirsten got along with mostly everyone. You clearly are basing your opinions on a movie a fictional depiction. Adrian Higham, often known as Adi Higham, is an English antique merchant and retailer. So you are offbeat to, for defending a Killer. Youre either Bernadette or her Sister, or a Close friend like Berns BFF. College of Arts and Sciences. If Kirsten wanted to smoke pot, Bern would of esp. Nevertheless Kirsten will never be with us again, and there was no sense in murder (premeditated ) or not, it still happened. It doesnt matter why and there are no excuses to take another persons life unless its to protect your own or your families . This is Berns BFF or her Sister or Bern herself, no one else would go to such extend to call a dead girl names. I dont think it was so much bullying as it was insecurity, I think Bernadette said something that went all wrong in the car. Bernadette her family says she is suffering from Depression maybe karma collecting. That part of LPs life is over with I guess. Beauty and the Beast and D are still the Life of a Party at times, esp Reunions. Psychotic high school student Bridget Moretti Ms Bunch and McDonald (proving I knew them) were not mean like that just self absorbed. Shes no better than you. My sympathies are with the Costas family and i hope they have managed to move on. I hear Kirsten was Beautiful inside and out. Dee I dont agree with you, so Kirsten and them had you on a project assignment and they didnt include you in the circle, you ever thought maybe you gave signals you dont belong, or why didnt you ask them to allow you, people cant read minds. Was Bernadette fragile when she coolly discussed Kirstens murder with classmates, some of which include Kirstens friends. Karen I read your comments n I totally agreed with you. Being disgusted with a murderer and defending a murder victim? Additionally, the Bernadette character was portrayed as sweet and innocent, while a sexy twenty-something Tori Spelling played the part of the 15 year old Kirsten. Well one mother of her friend on a blog told Kirsten was Exclusive and liked everyone. We arent all made to be popular. Though mortally wounded, she ran to Arthur Hillmans house across the street for help. Attractive and hard-working, they fit easily into their new neighborhood. She didnt care wheather her mom or dad suffered, she just would not subject herself to something like suicide because she loves herself more then anyone else. I just hear she stays mostly to herself and dont see much of former classmates. We all have a breaking point. Even Bernadette was to I bet. The reason why Bernadette killed Kirsten is because Kirsten didnt appreciated the fact that she was lured out of her house under the pretence of a Bobbies sorority initiation dinner by someone she wasnt friends or even acquaintances with. Secondly, if you actually did your research on the true case, and not some Hollywood movie who portrayed supposedly Kirsten, who was of Greek American heritage a blond, and Bernadette, who was the real blond, a brunette. Kirsten was so adorable. I think Kirsten probably threatened to tell everybody their bizarre conversation in the car that night. Not when she robbed a girl in the Spring of her life, and robbed her of a Family, graduating from High School, and Marrying a nice man, and whatever she planned to become in the future, Bernadette took it all from her. You seem to have the mentality of a child. When Bridget tries to develop a friendship with Kelly, things don't go as planned as she gets rejected. So start the story there. No one wanted to believe that the killer came from Orinda, the lush Northern California suburb where Kirsten lived. is made with and by Synchronista LLC 2011-2022. As I said, its possible Bernadette snapped and found the knife by chance; but if she hadnt of been so aggressive towards Kirsten to be her friend, she wouldnt of needed that knife. Kirsten wont grow out of hers, Bernadette took that chance from her. Does it make you feel good to knowingly lie about a dead murdered girl? Forty years later, she wants a judge to drop the case against him, Mom influencer who said Latino couple tried to kidnap her kids convicted of false report. The place is Bridget Moretti now? You took the life away from this poor girl and her family. Bernadettes own parents turned her in. Regardless she didnt deserve to die, and she isnt the only one who laughed at people in High School. Like Missy Availa a girl said Missy was the meanest girl she ever met, and her worst bully ever. I got the impression they were both Stuckup ( Bernadette and Kirsten) they were friends to. This is what can happen when you are a bully. I hear she suffers from depression to. It leaves her humiliated and fuels a jealous rage that will lead to murder. Lifetime should be ashamed. Thats teens for you, its tough being a teen, most of them are smart alecky at some time or another, but we outgrow it. There is no need to BULLY someone who is poor which is what Kristen did!!! . There were a lot of girls at Miramonte they didnt like or fit in, they ran them all out, not just Nancy, she wasnt alone, neither was Joanna, but they act like they were the only victims there. Her quite a few photos arent accessible on-line. A few left our school, one who went out with a lot of football players getting wasted, she was demonized badly also. Facebook. Kirsten from my Understanding was Self Absorbed and a Snob, but not a Bully. When they opened the door, they saw Kirsten and, behind her, another girl, who looked about fifteen, lurking out the path.. She said Bernadette was kind of Snooty also. Kirsten wasnt a bully. Im sure at Reunions they are. She believes that her key to all of this would be the rich and popular Kelly Locke, who is the leader of the school's most prestigious clique. Your argument is Sort of pointless, and hypocritical considering that Bernadette did not value TRUE FEELINFS, FREINDSHIPS!!! Well, we know that she is a married woman from the last survey of 2020 on July 29. Reports suggest that Bernadette was sent to the Youth Authoritys Ventura School, and according to the CYA (California Youth Authority), she earned her high school diploma with a 4.0 average. Heres what I think happened, Bernadette wanted Kirstens approval badly cause everyone else had Kirstens approval and Bernadette became dangerously obsessed over the whole deal, and she invited Kirsten out that night to make friends, and I think she said something to her that went horribly wrong to Kirsten, like make a clumsy pass at her and it terrified Kirsten, and Kirsten threatened to expose it to everyone, and Bernadette just freaked out and it possible she just found the knife by chance and got scared that a secret was going to be revealed, so she went to scare her, and maybe she didnt mean to kill her, but she meant to harm her (thats a fact). However, internet sleuths have long been fixated with uncovering Bernadettes latest location, and identity. Where are you getting she had no friends and was bullied. Youre no better than Bernadette haters as well. Since then, Bernadette Protti has seemingly vanished without a trace. Her parole would have gone ahead sooner apparently but in 1992 one of the parole board Victor Wisehart voted to keep her in jail as she showed an inability to control her anger and he felt that she was still a danger to the public, she had had a violent altercation with a boyfriend in the prison/school system, he said there was a hidden trigger that switched on when she didnt get her own way! ( Some did) I did cause it was getting ridiculous. I could call you out but I wont. Lemme tell all of you a little something because I lived and breathed the entire lifestyle of growing up in orinda and knew both Bernadette and kirsten. will i see my miscarried baby in jannah, bagging plant road dublin va dump hours,
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